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Dental Hygenist
Dental Hygienist
Patients receive several benefits from having their teeth cleaned by our expert, registered hygienists. Performed regularly, dental cleanings have significant cosmetic value and can reduce the appearance of minor discoloration caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, and wine. Removal of plaque and tartar decreases risks of decay and erosion by reducing bacterial populations and decreasing the accumulated food particles that oral bacteria consume. Although daily brushing and flossing at home is essential for optimal oral health, regular cleanings by our hygienist are also necessary for better prevention of gum disease and its complications, such as tooth loss and infections.

Our expert hygienists use a variety of instruments to perform several steps during cleanings. To remove plaque and tartar, our hygienists use scaling instruments that are more effective than common toothbrushes. A special brush is employed to clear discoloration from the teeth, and a polishing instrument is used to further enhance appearance. Depending on individual risk factors, our hygienist may also recommend preventive treatments after cleaning.


Preventive options include fluoride application, which strengthens and protects teeth against decay, and sealants, which guard teeth against erosion and cavities.

Cleanings are fast and comfortable thanks to cutting-edge equipment and the training and experience of our expert hygienists. Although a majority of patients should receive cleanings at least twice per year, some patients may benefit from cleaning on a more or less frequent basis.

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