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Our office is eager to answer any of your questions or concerns about your dental insurance and we will be happy to confirm your coverage. 


Dental insurance is often a vague and confusing aspect of dental care for the patient and we will try to help.

  • If you would like us to check on your dental coverage please contact us by phone, fax or email and simply provide the name of your dental insurance carrier, their phone number, your social security number and your date of birth.​


  • We will do our best to help coordinate your dental benefits so that you receive the proper reimbursement for the service provided to you. 


  • To alleviate our patient's concerns about the cost of treatment, our office submits pre-authorization requests to insurance providers for extensive treatment plans.


  • We then receive an estimate of how much coverage a patient has for the proposed services. Dental insurance makes treatment more affordable, but it does not cover all of the patient's costs.


  • Please note that most insurance plans have an annual maximum amount of benefits that caps their payment for services even if the treatment is otherwise eligible. 


  • As a courtesy, when provided with all necessary details, our staff will gladly submit any paperwork and x-rays (when required) to your insurance carrier to assist you in receiving reimbursements. 



  • Please note that we work for you. We do not work for your insurance company.


  • Regardless of what your insurance company reimburses the person (patient) is responsible for the complete payment of the treatment provided at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made previously. 



  • Payment plans are available and must be discussed at the start of treatment.

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