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Implant Dentistry
Fixed Prosthodontics
Dental Implants are the most esthetic and natural feeling option to replace a missing tooth.  The procedure consists of two stages:  the replacement of a tooth's root with an Implant, followed by the replacement of the visible tooth with an implant crown.  A healing time of four to six months is often required between the two stages.  Dr. Bruno works closely with skilled Oral Surgeons and Periodontists to properly plan and place our patient's Implants creating excellent function and the most esthetic results.

Our highest priority is patient satisfaction.  During an initial consultation, all options for tooth replacement will be discussed to help the patient decide on the best solution for their lifestyle and needs.  Please, never hesitate to ask any questions or voice concerns.

The first step of the Implant procedure is done by the Specialist.  The gingiva in the area of the missing tooth is gently folded back, and the underlying bone is prepared to receive the Implant.  The extent of the bone preparation depends on the number of implants required.  In a case which involves bone grafts, the graft must first heal for several months before an Implant can be placed.  Once the implant is placed, the gum is sutured closed, covering the site.  The Implant should fully integrate into the bone after four months.  At this time, the specialists will uncover the Implant and place a Healing Cap.  This helps to shape the gingival tissue before delivery of the Implant Crown.

Once released from the Specialist, the second half of the procedure takes place in our office.  Dr. Bruno will remove the Healing Cap and place an Impression Post into the Implant, checking on x-ray that it is seated properly.  Impressions are taken, and the Healing Cap is placed back on.  A specially trained Lab Technician fabricates the Implant Crown as per Dr. Bruno’s specifications.  At the final appointment, an Implant Abutment is placed into the implant, and the Crown is delivered.  The Implant Crown can either be cemented to the Abutment or Screw Retained depending on Dr. Bruno’s preference and the amount of space available.  Dr. Bruno is expert in creating Dental Implant restorations that look and feel like natural teeth.

The Success Rate of Dental Implants
After the healing period, the success rate of Dental Implants is over 94%.  For a non-smoker with good oral hygiene, the percentage is closer to 98%.
Does the Procedure Hurt?
The discomfort involved with receiving a Dental Implant is similar to that of having a cavity filled.  Step One is done under local anesthesia, and patients generally experience little discomfort after the procedure.  Step Two is often done without anesthesia unless requested by the patient. 
How Long Will Dental Implants Last?
The life span of a Dental Implant will vary depending on the patient.  With good oral hygiene and regular cleanings, Dental Implants could last a lifetime.  In contrast, the average life span of a traditional fixed bridge is between 10 - 15 years.

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